3 Hardy Kiwi Plants- 2 Female Ananasnaya, and One Male Pollinater--all in 4 Inch Cups/ Kiwi Aruguta. Awesome Starter Plants!

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  • These Vigorous plants are hardy to zone 5, easy to grow, and produce a whole lot of grape sized kiwi once they get going!
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  • Zone 5-9b. Full to part sun.
  • Vining Plant with beautiful, glossy green leaves
  • You must have the male and the female plants, they require pollination.

Product Description

Ananasnaya: Anna's grape-size fruits hang in bunches on this most vigorous productive vine. Spacing 15 inches apart. A good beginner kiwi, easy to get growing. Very productive. The fruits are medium size and of the arguta species. Space on a T trellis @ 15 inches apart. Very ornamental with showy red leaf stems. Needs a mate. Spur prune throughout the growing season for earlier fruiting and greatest productivity and bushy appearance. Zones 5-9. Hardy Male: Nice vining plant with beautiful leaves. An addition to your yard even without the added bonus of growing your own fruit!

April 24, 2015
As mentioned in the description, I received 1 male and 2 female kiwi plants. When I opened the box I found the plants to be kinda cramped into it but when I gently pulled them out they were fine! They were all about a foot tall and still had all their green color and the new growth was not interrupted. The root ball of each plant has its own little plastic pot that is very securely wrapped in cling wrap to hold in all the dirt. Have had them resting by the window for now until warmer weather here in Michigan and my oh my have they grown since then! Overall I'm very happy with this product.
Hannah Lazicki
September 30, 2017
The kiwi plants did not look in good health and most of their leaves were brown and looked disease, but after I nursed the plants back to health they started sprouting small green leaves and appear to be doing okay. They were not very healthy plants when I receive them, and it wasn't due to shipping.
Serene Satterlund
July 11, 2016
I couldn't be happier with the packaging! Just like other reviewers, I was worried when it came in a box with no "this side up" markings, and just some punched holes in the sides. Turns out my 6 plants were cuddled in there perfectly secure. When I pulled them out, they were much larger than the kiwi vines I purchased from someone else! I'm wondering how to make sure they survive the winter? Plant them in pots this year and bring them inside over the winter? I'm very satisfied with this company!
Az Mom of Five
April 17, 2018
The plants arrived in great shape. Beautiful!
So healthy!
Packed in a good manner, that kept them moist, and kept the soil around their roots.
Just what I wanted.
If you are looking for kiwi plants, you will love these!!
I am very pleased with my plants!!
Alyssa Joy
June 19, 2019
I was so excited to find these! They are doing great in our northern location. We cannot wait until we get to try the fruit.
July 14, 2017
Very healthy plants.
P. Duncan Kindle Customer
March 31, 2018
Planted late 2017 and here in late March 2018, two of the kiwis are starting to leaf out. Third may be dead. Still happy.